Stara straža

The Stara straža site, covering an area of 1.17 ha, was protected in 1961. The site is several kilometers from Knin on the road to Gračac. The site is particularly interesting due to the lovely visible wave in the rock, about 15 m wide and 5 m high, representing the waving bending of layers of the Earth's core.
The layers were bent (wrinkled) under the influence of lateral pressures following the movement of the rock mass. Layers of Jurassic and Cretaceous age are developed, and composed of alternating limestone and dolomite rock, with zones of thin, grey marly limestone and hornstone. In the malmy layers of rock, the coral Cladocoropsis is easily visible. This site is important for its characteristic profiles, i.e. paleontological, mineralogical, petrographical and sedimentological. The profile is interesting as an area for teaching geology concepts, such as the basic structural elements of rock like layering, wrinkles and faults.