The highest peak in Croatia

The mountain of Dinara is natural border between Croatia and Bosnia. It also devides two climatic different regions-mediterranean and continental. The second highest peak of Dinara (1831m) is the highest peak in Croatia. It is a massif 20 km long and 10km wide, and presents water shed of the rivers of Krka and Cetina and in its southern foot there is the well of the river of Krčić. On the opposite side the massif ends qually dramatically: with deep and strong wells of the river Cetina, near which there is the entrance in the 2080m deep Gospodska cave with the subterranean lake at its end. Dinara is not populated, and its spectacular characteristic is the longest rock in Croatia. The rock is 6km long.

Climbing the mountain of Dinara requires extensive mountaineering experience. The accomodation is available in the Mountaineering lodge in Brezovac (1050 m), as well as in the Hunting lodge.