Medieval forts

Glavaš Fortress

North of the Cetina river source is the Glavaš fortress, which was built probably in the 14th and 15th centuries. On old Venetian maps, it is marked with the name of "Dinarić", as it stands beneath the Dinara mountain. The fortress was built for the purpose of surveillance of an important merchant route towards Bosnia, and served as the first line of defence against the invading Turkish army. Invaluable archaeological artefacts were discovered in the vicinity of the fortress.

Bračić Fort

The fort is situated 100 meters from the site of Crkvina. It was built during the 14th century and is due to his position the most commonly used as a lookout over the surrounding area, but still recognizable buildings diocesan areas.

Fort Trošenj

The fort Trošenj of the right bank belonged to the dukes Šubić Bribirski and it is build to guard and overlook the strategically important bridge across Krka to the Nečven grad in the medieval time.Trošenj Grad se nalazi na desnoj obali rijeke Krke i pripadao je knezovima Šubićima Bribirskim. Sagrađen je kako bi se branio i nadgledao strateški važan most koji je prelazio preko rijeke Krke do utvrde Nečven.