Kninski muzej Knin

The center of museum events in the city is the Knin Museum on the Fortress, with the permanent exhibition of ethnographic artifacts, as well as the exhibition of archeological and partly cultural-historical and geological-paleontological artifacts. The geological and paleontological collection is represented by geological samples and fossils found in the surroundings of Knin, and the artifacts found in the area of Knin from prehistoric times to the late Middle Ages are exhibited in the archaeological collection. The ethnographic collection contains furniture, household items, traditional handicrafts and folk costumes from this area. The exhibition planned for the third Belvedere building will show historical and cultural-historical features since the city’s origins in the early Middle Ages until today. There are also memorials of famous Knin citizens, academics Hrvoje Pozar and Nikica Slavic.

The Fortress is also the stand of the permanent exhibition called Storm ‘95 (Oluja ‘95), opened in 2015, which testifies of the time of pride and glory and the greatest victory in the contemporary Croatian history with its numerous documents and artifacts.