Hunting and fishing

The wilderness

The area around the Dinara mountain offers genuine enjoyment for any hunting enthusiast, while Cetina and Krka river sources and the Burumska and Šarena lakes are perfect fishing spots for even the pickiest of fishermen. There are areas for recreational and sport fishing.

Hunting in the Knin region

Hunting and hunting tourism are subject to special regulations on the entire territory of Croatia, which is why hunters and their parties must be accompanied by an official person, such as a gamekeeper or a person holding a hunting licence for certain hunting grounds.  The requirements for obtaining hunting rights are as follows:

  • no outstanding obligations (financial and working),
  • a valid permit for the hunting year,
  • to be included in the list of participants in group hunting which is attached to the hunting permit and is in possession of the master of the hunt. The master of the hunt can only be issued a permit for the following hunting day if he/she delivers the report on the hunt for the previous hunting day. If groups led by the master of the hunt, or an individual, do not deliver the report on the hunt to the Association’s premises in due time, they shall not be issued a hunting permit for the following hunting day. Anyone hunting without a hunting permit or without being included in the list of participants in group hunting shall be considered a poacher (Ordinance on Requirements and Manners of Hunting, Official Gazette No. 62/06).
  • The use of hunting dogs on the hunting grounds is permitted pursuant to the Ordinance on the Hunting Dog Breeds, Number and Manner of Use (OG No. 62/06). In the case of hound dogs, a special permit for the use of hound dogs on the hunting grounds must be obtained from the Dinara Hunting Association from Knin.
    All hunters shall abide by the Hunting Act and all ordinances deriving from that Act, in particular the Ordinance on Hunting Requirements and Manners (OG 62/06) and the Ordinance on the Use of Hunting Weapons and Ammunition (OG 68/06).

Hunting Association ¨Dinara¨

Tuđmanova 2, 22300 Knin

Tel.+385 22 661 330, +385 91 253 80 35


Sport fishing

In Knin, sport fishing has a long and glorious tradition. The Krka Knin Sport Fishing Association today has about 150-200 members in various categories. Apart from sport fishing, the Association’s activities are focused on protection of the waterways and the environment, as well as preservation of fish stocks, and its activity is in the interest of the entire community.


  • Krka od izvora do nacionalnog parka - Brown trout and endemic Adriatic trout
  • Zrmanja from Kusac to the bridge in Ervenik Brown trout
  • Butižnica with accumulation lake Golubić - Brown trout
  • Kosovčica - Brown trout
  • Orašnica - Brown trout


  • Šarena lakes - Common carp, Grass carp, Tench, Pike, Trout
  • Accumulation lake Golubić - Brown trout
  • Burumska lakes – Common carp, Grass carp, Tench, Pike

Sport Fishing Association Krka Knin

Tuđmanova 2, 22 300 Knin

Gsm. +385 (0)97 6653 895