Enjoy a plethora of hiking adventures

Knin is like a jewel nestled into a crown of mountains, the desired destination of both amateur and experienced hikers. Reaching the highest peak of Croatia is a spectacular experience that will leave you breathless.

The town of Knin is surrounded by mountains, in fact there are nine of them: Orlovica, Vilica, Plješevica, Bukovac, Badnja, Dinara, Kozjak, Svilaja and Promina. They dominate this region thanks to their high and robust massifs which create the natural boundary separating the Croatian coastline from western Bosnia. As for fishermen, hunters, and water sports lovers, Knin is also a paradise for hikers. For all those who choose to hike: they might end up in unusually beautiful landscape filled with dense forests, large rocks, mountain pastures, the nature untouched from the moment of its creation.

If you are exhausted from all this beauty, you may rest in the hiking house Brezovac (1050 m), situated in a beautiful beech forest, with a capacity of 36 beds and a kitchen. It is open for visitors and hikers every weekend, but you should first make an announcement to the Hiking Association Dinara which organizes excursions, walks, meetings, camping and hiking. In Knin, there is another Hiking Association called Troglav, which initiated a hiking school. The tourist agency Šibenik outdoor adventure is one that offers hiking tours to Dinara.