Sightseeing on two wheels

Cycle through the Knin region, an unavoidable destination for cyclists, enjoying the natural beauty and cultural sights of this region. Whether you opt for less demanding family-friendly routes perfect for more relaxed cycling or the most fascinating and toughest routes that guarantee an adrenaline experience, you will not go wrong!

Should you ever decide to complete all the marked trails in the area of the town of Knin, it would take you at least two holidays to do so. It is nearly impossible to do them all in a couple of days. There is a total of 13 cycling routes in this area. Here, the options really are endless for cyclists – from easy recreational trails, to long climbs and beautiful road routes.

Rivers On All Sides

Nestled at the foot of the Dinara Mountain and close to the source of the Krka River, Knin offers something unique. With a bit of effort, you can cycle to all three major rivers of Dalmatia. If you head west along the trail No 406 Zrmanja Path, you will reach the beautiful Zrmanja River. And if you decide to head the other way, trail No 403 Cetina Spring Path will take you to the unique source of the Cetina River. In the town of Knin, you have the chance to explore the Krka River with all of its tributaries. Whichever trail you choose, you won’t be disappointed. If you are looking for an easy family route to get to know the town, we recommend trail No 410 Along the Krka River to Marunuša that will take you around Knin along the Krka River.

Dinara – a heaven for cyclists

Among all these attractions, the star of the show has to be the mighty Dinara Mountain looming over the town of Knin. This impressive mountain hides countless trails and paths that can take you over a thousand metres above sea level. One such trail, No 405 Climbing Dinara, takes cyclists to the very heart of the mountain. Trail No 413 Via Dinaris is perhaps the best choice for fully experiencing Dinara and taking in its beauty. The route starts at the old Napoleon's Road a few kilometres above Krčić Waterfall and takes you right up the mountain. The trail is very physically demanding, especially the first few kilometres that are a constant climb. But cyclists know that as soon as you reach the top and see the views, it will all be worth it. Here, the panoramic views stretch out in all directions. The pristine nature, mountain plateaus and the view of Dinara can make anyone forget how tired they are. Dinara is also home to the highest peak in the country, the 1831-meter-tall Sinjal, so you will probably come across a fair number of hikers. The “Via Dinaris” route slowly descends from Dinara to the source of the Cetina River resembling a blue eye amid the karst terrain. Some of the must-visit attractions here are the Pre-Romanesque Church of Holy Salvation, as well as the beautiful Orthodox Church of the Ascension of the Lord right next to the river source. The route then leads to the village of Kijevo, before circling back to the starting point. Don’t leave this region without trying the honey sourced by local bee-keepers. The Dinara pastures are well suited to the bees and the locals believe their honey to have genuine healing properties. Our piece of advice is not to attempt this trail, as well as the other trails leading to the heart of Dinara, without a GPS device. Although the trails are marked, there is always a possibility of taking a wrong turn or getting lost so you can never be too careful. Check out the Bike & Hike website for all trails in Knin and beyond, as well as GPX files for your GPS device.

Knin – The City Of Kings

A must-see attraction in Knin is definitely the unique Knin Fortress – the largest fortification system in Croatia and the second largest military fortress in Europe. The hilltop fortress offers stunning views of Dinara, Knin and the entire surrounding area. It also houses a museum where you can learn many interesting facts about the rich history of the town, and you can even have a bite to eat at the restaurant. Make sure to also visit Krčić Waterfall, the source of Krka River and the Colourful Lakes. We told you one holiday won’t be enough…

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