Great Wines and Aperitifs

Babić, Dessert Wines and Fruit Aperitifs

"Babić" wine, produced in the vineyards of Primošten, is a renowned red wine of the highest quality, and a picture featuring Primošten's vineyards is permanently exhibited in the main building of the UN in New York, representing hard human labour through the centuries and struggle with Dalmatian stone.

In addition to the red wines Babić, Lasina and Plavina, the area is also known for the white wines Debit and Maraština, the dessert wine Prošek, as well as various local types of brandy, or “rakija”, e.g. “lozovača”, which is made from grapes, and “travarica”, made with aromatic herbs. "Rakija" is mostly served with dried figs as a welcoming aperitif and a symbol of hospitality to all guests and passers-by alike.